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Noelle is a Duke-certified health and wellness coach, SCfyH-certified color consultant for residential interiors, and founder of bold / little. She lives and works in a bold little apartment in Brooklyn, New York.

No more wimpy spaces.

When I painted my first studio a deep dark teal, I thought, why did it take me so long to discover the power of paint?! The color I chose scared the hell outta me, but I felt a mission to bring something inside of me into physical form by painting my walls. I didn’t understand it at the time, but now I recognize it as “the urge to paint”, a knowing that you have moved beyond what you see in your space and a compulsion to sync things up. I was dumbstruck by the results— it looked regal, bounded with energy but calming, and made me feel newly powerful and affirmed. I felt like while I lived there, anything was possible.



Today, I help people create bold little spaces where they feel powerful, free, and in sync with who they are. I work with paint color selection, decor, and coaching to transmute environmental presence into personal power. Contact me to learn more and set up a free phone consultation.